Unity 2D Game Development Workshop

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Study Path

This is a two day class. Each day is based upon two (2) hours sessions on either side of a one hour lunch break. Starting time is adjusted (one of the U.S. Standard times) based upon the largest number of students in one time zone. This class is typically scheduled on the second or third week of any month.

Unit Descriptors

Create a multi-platform 2D game

This introductory workshop teaches Unity fundamentals through building and customizing a 2D game. Participants are introduced to the Unity Editor, with a specific focus on 2D game development. Participants will learn about the 2D pipeline while creating a Platformer game.

Subjects covered will include project maintenance, basic script editing, sprite animation, and interactive object creation including a player character and collectibles. The instructor will demonstrate how to use the various tools of the Unity Editor and the participants will create a 2D game using the provided assets for multiple platforms.

In this Workshop, you will gain valuable skills and knowledge on the following:

  • Core gameplay
  • Editor setup
  • Single sprite configuration w/ colliders, Sprite sheet animations
  • Animator, Keyframed animations, Scripted animations
  • Player character
  • Win and lose settings
  • Collectibles
  • Publishing
  • New Sprite Editor tools
  • Tilemap system
  • Cinemachine
  • Sprite masking system


Required Skill Set

Should include




Textbook: N/A

Assets are available for download at the Unity Store.



Course ware details: N/A

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