Intro to Virtual Reality Workshop

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This is a two day class. Each day is based upon two (2) hours sessions on either side of a one hour lunch break. Starting time is adjusted (one of the U.S. Standard times) based upon the largest number of students in one time zone. This class is typically scheduled on the second or third week of any month.

Unit Descriptors

Intro to Virtual Reality in Unity

Make the leap to VR

This workshop teaches experienced Unity developers how to get started with VR. The project built in the workshop is the Laser Cop Room Scale VR Game. Subjects covered include developing a basic VR game for PC/Mac/Console, optimization techniques, ergonomics, physics and audio for VR. It requires both a headset and controllers, but there is a test script that will allow for in-editor development for participants who did not bring a VR headset with them. Although a gaming project is used as the example in this workshop, the features and functions are applicable to all Unity projects.

In this Workshop, you will gain a complete understanding of:

  • Assets
  • Starting a VR project
  • Core gameplay
  • VR Player setup
  • Enemy setup


Required Skill Set

Should include




Textbook: N/A

Assets are available for download at the Unity Store.



Course ware details: N/A

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