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Microsoft's education initiatives provide the strongest collection of content and challenges that are designed to bring about 21st century learning. Teachers and administrators need to prepare the children of today for the workforce and social responsibility paramaters of the future. It is all just around the corner. Learn more at Microsft Educator Community site.

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SFJ Academy – Training for Teachers

Microsoft in The Classroom


Microsoft in the Classroom (MiC) by SFJ Academy showcases how Microsoft technologies enable 21st-century teaching and learning and hep you improve student outcomes.

This class is designed on a series of modules that can be delivered as a combined suite. They can be customized for any specific opportunity or needs that you wish to explore.

While Microsoft solutions and technologies are woven throughout the class presentation our instructors encourage discussions and provide demos on relevant teaching and learning experiences, to make educators comfortable with taking full advantage of Microsoft technologies designed to enhance education.

Microsoft in the Classroom includes the following scenarios:

Increase instructional time – decrease administrative tasks

A recent IDC study found that teachers are spending more than 200 hours per year on tasks that are considered "time sinkers" - taking away valuable time from teachers. Educators are constantly looking for ways to help minimize the extra time lost on administrative tasks, and give that time back to their students. There are several Microsoft tools that can help teachers be more efficient and effective in their daily tasks. They include Skype, OneNote, Windows 10, Excel Online, Excel Survey and Sway

Helping teachers to work with students who miss school

Teachers are changing their classroom practices to help students be successful both in and out of the classroom. There are many circumstances in students' lives that require that they access class resources no matter where they are. Online or offline, using a tablet, phone or PC, students need to be able to complete their work anytime and anywhere. Skype and OneDrive for Business are two products that help in these challenges.

Online Learning/Blended Learning

Blended learning incorporates the best of online learning and traditional classroom learning creating a hybrid approach. It allows students to have some control over time, pace, place, and the path of their learning. This can be done by having students do the instructional work as homework so more class time can be dedicated to collaborative activities. Discover the advantages of a hybrid applicatoin using Class notebook and Office Mix.

Real-time feedback to students

Teachers are constantly assessing their students on content knowledge. Teachers often walk around their classroom to see where kids are. They poll the whole class, and even use "exit tickets" as a strategy for formative assessment. All of this can be done without the teacher being tethered to the front of the room. Presenting wirelessly with Microsoft products allows the teacher to move around the room, help individual students, redirect off-task behavior, make notations in their grade book, and assess student comprehension instantly.
how much can you gain by getting out from behind the desk with touch based computers and wireless display connections in conjunction with OneNote Class Notebook, Digital Ink (Windows) and Bing Pulse?

Preparing students to be productive adults

One of the most important things a teacher can do is prepare students to be successful in their future, both for college and career. The skills students need for high-growth, high-wage occupations include the ability to collaborate, communicate (both oral and written), self-direct, show attention to detail, as well as being able to use Microsoft Office.
Every student can gain critical preparation by learning how to us Office 365, Office Online, Office 2016, OneNote, Yammer and Sway.

Students seeking solutions for global issues

Teachers know that it is more important than ever to ask students to seek solutions to problems of global significance, and engage in deep project-based learning through a process of inquiry and investigation. Technology found in OneNote Class Notebook, Windows Store apps, Sway, Skype in the Classroom are key to the development of creativity and critical thinking skills.

Beyond the paper-based classroom

Technology is continually transforming education by taking 'analog' teaching methods and materials into the digital world. For teachers, this transformation to a paperless classroom, can be challenging. But it doesn't have to mean starting from scratch - with the right technology tools, teachers can still have the freedom to teach the way they want, and find great benefits to digital content and curriculum.


Day 1

Windows Walkabout

Immersive Learning Experience, Apps, Personalization

OneNote: The Ultimate Tool

Introduction to Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Educator Community

Bing in the Classroom

Microsoft in Education

Levels of MIE

Office 365 for Education

OneDrive/OneDrive for Business

Office Online

Skype for Business

Free Tools Exploration


Day 2

21st Century Learning Design

Identifying and Measuring 21st Century Learning Dimensions

Intro to Office Mix

Intro to Sway

Next Generation Assessment

More Pracitice with Office Mix

More Pracitice with Sway

A Summary of Microsoft Tools in the Classroom

More Pracitice with Skype in the Classroom

Giving students global experiences

Action Plans



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