Introductory classes by Foster Johnson

The Principal at SFJ Academy

Foster Johnson wants to be your on-site consultant. SFJ provides virtual training via The Principal's Office.

SFJ Academy offers introductory classes for Unity 3D, Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft for Education. Our instructors can also conveniently train your employees at your location or via customized online courses delivered from the Principal's Office.


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Unity Technologies

Certified Unity Instructor

Unity Technologies

Certified Unity Developer


Certified Microsoft

Innovative Educator


Minecraft Certified


CTT+ Certified



Use the contact form to request your most convenient date and time. We'll provide an estimate as to how much your custom training will costs.

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LATEST NEWS: SFJ Academy to offer free online course modules.

Tell us what you would like to learn. If it's in the library here, we will post it for you. These new modules will be absolutely free. Use the Contact Form.

The Details

On Site Consulting

If your workplace is local to Southern California use the contact form to schedule an onsite consulting session. The Principal can show you how to improve your work flow methods. Improve your skill level. Understand how the engineers (that built the application) expect you to use it. Answer any question to validate how you've learned to use a piece of software.

Are you using the best methods? Or, are you wasting precious time by completing each process the hard way? Do you work this way, simply because it is what you've figured out by brute force trial and error? If you are self taught, the Principal can help you increase your speed and efficiency. The Principal can help you break bad habits that cost time and money.

Not in Southern California? Contact us to see how much travel and time may be required.


Class Listings

SFJ Academy offers consulting, tutoring and full multi day classes in Unity, Adobe and Microsoft.


Unity Technologies

Unity Game Dev

Unity Technologies

Unity Simulator Dev

Adobe Systems

After Effects

Adobe Systems

Premiere Pro

Adobe Systems


Adobe Systems

Acrobat (TOC Coming Soon)

Adobe Systems


Adobe Systems

Captivate Advanced

Adobe Systems


Adobe Systems


Adobe Systems


Adobe Systems

Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Systems


Adobe Systems




With this much to offer, how can you afford not to “Learn More Everyday?”


One-on-one Tutoring

Within a 100 mile radius to downtown Los Angeles? Are you in need of fast skill acquisition and immediate answers to your questions? Use the contact form to schedule an on-site one-on-one tutoring session. Quickly improve your work flow methods. Working in a one-on-one session is the best way to quickly improve your skill level.

If you wonder that the way you do something within an application is the right way, one-on-one is they way to avoid embarrassment and validate the fact that how you use a piece of software is the most efficient method. Do not waste any more precious time by completing a process the brute force way. We all try to learn on our own. But sometimes the way you figured it out, the steps may work. They just don't work as efficiently or how the application engineers envisioned the task. Get up to speed. Improve efficiency. Break bad habits that cost time and money.

Not in Southern California? Contact us to see how much will it cost to travel and handle this critical requirement at your location.